I’m always tempted to get one of those caricatures of my daughter at local art fairs. While I love the concept of my progeny immortalized at the skilled hand of an artist, something tells me that that’s not exactly what I’m going to end up with for my 20 bucks.The personalized artwork from Kiki and Polly however, that’s a different story. Portland artist Lisa Golightly starts with a photo of your child, then weaves it into an exquisite handpainted work of art. Her work is whimsical but subtle, and there’s something to fit every personality, whether you see your child posing in a field of crimson tulips, contemplating a first birthday balloon, or zooming into space on a rocket ship.
The prices are reasonable, with high quality 8×8 canvases starting at just $135. For a little extra, Lisa will even do a custom piece just for you.
Considering it won’t end up rolled into a tube at the bottom of a junk drawer, I’d say one piece from Kiki and Polly is worth 100 of those caricatures. Even if the guy did do an uncanny Sly Stallone. –Liz
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