All hail the binkie, that great pacifier (pun intended) of babies, and best friend to sleep-deprived new mamas across the globe. However if I have one complaint about them, it’s that they fit ever so perfectly out the crib slats at 3 am. I have more experience with this than I’d care to detail. So I just adore the Wubbanub Plush Pacifiers, available only at CMP fave shop, Baby Dagny. Designed by a mom who (like me) was just sick of picking the thing off the floor every three seconds, she had the ingenious idea to sew one right into an adorable stuffed animal like a red dog, purple frog, or black cat.Yes, I know that it sounds a bit wacky. But moms who own them swear by them and end up buying one for every room of the house. Me, I’d be happy with just one–in the crib. At 3 am. –Liz


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