I’ve got a few friends involved in adoptions these days and I’ve gotta say, it’s really hard to find the perfect gift. I love the idea of something unique to their circumstances, but not all of them are the types to wear an "I’m an adoptive parent" tee shirt either. Then I stumbled across the Adoption Book and I thought, aha! That’s it!
A memory book specific to the amazing (and often trying) adoption process, this clean, modern keepsake journal includes sections to document everything from wait to the coming home, through birthdays, holidays, and all the milestones of the early years. There are even envelopes to store little keepsakes, and writing prompts to help you remember all the little details.
Because let’s face it, all new mamas are victims of placenta brain. Whether they actually had one or not.
It’s just under $30 at Calliope Boutique. Pair it with a diaper bag and an offer to babysit on a Saturday night and make yourself the best friend ever. –Liz
[via rare bird finds]


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