Moms are people too which, I know, is hard for some non-moms to believe. Sometimes we even like to shop where cool people shop. And sometimes–just once in a very blue moon–we like dress like we’re not moms. You know, pants from this century? Shirts with no formula stains?
I’m giddy over this mint reverse embroidered cardigan from Odd Molly, a great indie label based in Sweden. It’s just the kind of fashion pick-me-up I want hanging in my closet, ready to go, just waiting for the day that I’m back in non-maternity wear.
It’s available at Green Apple, an amazing online boutique featuring ultra-hot emerging designers. Warning: The shop will make you wish you had your pre-baby disposable income. Although this sweater? Within reach at just under $150. Small price to pay for feeling exceptionally cute again. –Liz
Green Apple is accepting preorders on this sweater starting this week. Order now and have it in time for the first crocuses.


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