Back when I had imaginary children, I was confident that my house would be filled exclusively with old-school wooden learning toys that were always put away by shiny, happy tykes who sat in their fancy wooden high chairs and ate every bit of their nutritious meals.

Then I had a real kid.
But I think I’ve found a way that my imaginary children and my real-life son can meet in the middle for a snack:Geuther Filou, the latest, greatest, coolest high chair in all the land. Also, high on the list for Penn Jillette’s next child’s name.The chair, available at CMP fave Sparkability, is completely not plastic, aesthetically pleasing, comes with optional pads, and is made to last. In fact, it can actually grow and adjust with your favorite cool kid all the way through his teen years, which might help you justify the $219 pricetag. It would only be more appealing if I had a guarantee that it would help him say no to drugs and deal when the cute girl in algebra won’t talk to him. –Laura