Admittedly I’m a little opinionated when it comes to art. Sometimes I come across a piece I’m considering buying but then I think "hm, if only they’d have done this one little thing…"
Apparently I’m not alone here, which is where designer/art director/mom Jeannie Richardson’s studio, Me Art comes in. You send them a photo of your child and her team will spend hours working with you to turn it into exactly the piece of artwork you have in mind. The way they see it, you’re the artist and they’re just there to provide expert creative guidance.
So you choose the style, the precise colors, the size, even a title or name if you want to personalize it. Me Art will then handretouch and digitally paint it (this is no slapdash Photoshop job here) and after you approve a proof, it will be printed using a gallery-quality giclee process onto high-quality archival canvas. Instant heirloom.
If you’re not the artistic type, no worries. You just have to know what you like. And with your own kid at the center of the piece–well, what’s not to like? –Liz
Get $10 off your original artwork at Me Art through 4/30 with discount code "coolmom."


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