One of the hardest aspects of being a working mom is that first day back to work after maternity leave. All things being equal, most of us would rather be at home wiping bums than at the office with our noses up one, or at least for a few more months.If you know a new mom who’s ready to reenter the rat race, be the bestest friend ever and surprise her with a little something that says you can do this! Mommy Track’d, one of CMP’s favorite sites on the whole wide worldwide web, has now added a working mom’s Survival Kit to their growing little online store.
It’s a bucket packed with plenty of notepads to keep her to-do lists organized, clever working mom greeting cards, an inspiring little book all about career-minded moms, and a piece of very aptly named Survival Chick Chocolate.
If only it came with a doorhanger for the office that says "Sod off. I’m pumping." –Liz


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