A desk full of odd scraps of paper with names and phone numbers scribbled on them – that’s what I face each time I want to schedule a playdate for my older daughter. And I know that’s what her friends’ mothers face too, since I typically scrawl my details on the back of a grocery receipt.
But now I now have my very own Mommy Cards from Fruition Designs. They include all of my pertinent information, even my daughters’ names, they’re printed on a nice substantial stock and the eight different designs are far cuter than any sales receipt I’ve ever seen.
On the first day of kindergarten, it’s not going to matter if my toes aren’t polished or my bag isn’t The Bag of the season. I’ll be the one with the Mommy Cards; and I’ll be the envy of all those polished moms with desks full of scrap paper. –Julie
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