One thing pregnant women and new mothers are definitely not lacking is a variety of information sources–some more desired (Cool Mom Picks) than others (the mother-in-law with some very interesting views on whiskey as a newborn sleep solution).
But picking and choosing from among the stacks of books and lists of URLs can be daunting. And frankly, who has that kind of energy these days?
Sometimes a passive medium like TV is just what the doctor ordered, making BabyTV the perfect Rx for moms on information overload. It’s essentially "live internet television" enabling you to watch streaming programming for parents 24/7. Or select videos on demand from respected sources like Alpha Mom, Oxygen and HarperCollins Publishing.
Each segment is short enough to watch in between diaper changes, but long enough to give you the info you’re seeking–from preconception advice, to maternity fashion ideas from Liz Lange, to tips for moms of toddlers who seek the answer to questions like Why’d I Ever Teach Him To Talk?
If the logo looks familiar, yes, it’s brought to you by Baby Universe. But don’t expect a lot of hard-sell for their online shop at the site. They do a very respectable job of separating content from commerce.
Your laptop, a bag of chocolate covered pretzels, and hours and hours of informative videos – sounds like a pretty sweet combo to me. –Julie
[photo via: hapakorean@flickr]


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