Oh, the poor, lowly, neglected baby brush. As essential as this item is to the nursery–or at least to ours, with our messy-haired daughter–the options are limited to the free crappy one that comes along with some baby bath essential gift set, or an absurdly expensive sterling one that needs more polishing and attention than the baby herself. Where are all the cool brushes?
Aha, we’ve actually found one!
Mom-run RatzerFratzer, already known for their luxurious bibs and super-soft blankets have now branched into infant haircare with baby’s first brush and comb set. The brush is made from natural, soft bristles (pretty much what you want in a brush), and both pieces come backed in your choice of five designer fabrics, with a sweet ribbon piping.
Pair it with one of their styling matching blankets and you’ve got a great gift for a mom who’s just dying to toss that plastic brush set from CVS that her mother-in-law picked up for her one day. –Liz


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