I love watching my daughter’s imagination in action. She sets the table for five so her imaginary friend can eat too, and there’s no end to the litany of cool animal pals that she describes as stopping by for a visit at bedtime.
Not one to squash any of her creativity,I’m having trouble resisting the strange bedfellows finger puppet set from Cool Mom Picks’ top toy shop Quiet Hours Toys that will send her through the roof with real (not imaginary) excitement. Handstitched from felt by needle artist Cheryl A. Smith, the set includes a wildly diverse crew including a dragon, an octopus, and a pirate bunny.
Seriously, how can you pass up a pirate bunny finger puppet? Let’s hear it for good old fashioned fun. -Kristen
Use the code "coolmom" for 10% off your order through 4/16/07.


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