It’s the phrase all mothers dread: "Mom, I’m booooorrrred!"
After the kids have made their way through every puzzle ("I’ve done that"), book ("read it already"), and game ("we played that this morning") in the house, what’s a mom to suggest? I’m guessing I’m not the only with who doesn’t have Play Trampoline On The Couch and Chase the Dog Through The Laundry Piles on the top five list.
But you’ll be ready for that next rainy weekend with Kids Craft Weekly, a free newsletter with plenty of ideas for keeping your brood entertained. Each issue is centered around a theme featuring related crafts and activities. For example, there’s music, underwater, wheels or my favorite, Pirate Week, for which you’re provided detailed instructions on how to construct a pirate hat, a bird mascot, and a chest full of secret treasure. Just make your own treasure map and send the scurvy dogs off on a search for hidden gold.
Hopefully far from the laundry piles. –Nancy [via goodyblog]


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