Not to brag, but my girls have quite lovely hair; think spun silk. However, it’s a bear to style since elastics tangle easily, and barrettes slide right out. If my preschooler was more open to me fussing with her hair for 36 bazillion hours at a sitting it might not be so much of a problem. I’m thrilled to say that Ribbies Clippies have cut our morning style time to almost nothing. Moms Kristen Creamer and Kim Marable combined stylish patterns of grosgrain ribbon with simple hair clips and foam grips. So the barrettes are a cinch to put in and take out, and stay put the whole time in between. And just as importantly, the simple geometric patterns and attractive colors are a nice change from the all-pink palettes you see everywhere. Don’t expect any foofy bows from Ribbies Clippies either.
Then again, those are sort of the clips you kind of hope will fall out, don’t you. –Nancy
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