I think back to how panicked I was choosing birth announcements for my first child and realize now I was being silly. Especially when there are so many services who make it easy for you.
One of them is Sassy Baby Designs, a small design shop creating original, modern photo cards. As a mom herself, owner/designer Ann White gets the mind of a stressed out mom-to-be and does everything she can to make things hassle-free. You just pick your style (or let her help you), send her the photo or photos you want to use, and she’ll make sure they’re cropped and laid out to perfection. Add preprinted envelopes or custom return address stickers (very cute) and all you’ve got to do is enlist a willing partner to lick envelopes.
While there are plenty of templates to choose from, we particularly like Sassy Baby’s simpler designs, like the elegant sepia-toned one shown here or the very cool Slate card, both of which look fantastic on glossy photo stock.
Trust this BTDT mom when I tell you to make things easy on yourself in the announcement arena and do it all online. The delivery of your photo cards should be low-stress compared with the delivery of your child. –Liz
CMP Readers: Enter code sassy15 for 15% off your order through June 30!


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