While I’m a big proponent of pacifiers, picking them up off the ground every four seconds stinks. Especially when you’re in that early stage where you actually still wash the thing off instead of just wiping it on your jeans.
The Keep-it-Kleen self-closing pacifiers from Razrbaby are just what the germophobe ordered. I have to be honest, I was skeptical of the concept but after trying one out–or rather my daughter did–I’m sold. The plastic shield gently closes around the nipple when dropped, which is especially great when there’s no running water in sight (or you’re just feeling lazy like I usually am). When the shield open, it doesn’t pinch press into the baby’s face at all.
You’ll find five very cute styles at Kangaroodles, along with a host of other things you’ll really really want–check out the doodad that turns regular water bottles into sippy cups. So smart!
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