In my late twenties, I used to buy expectant friends the beautiful white blankets or the attractive silver picture frames. Now with two kids myself, I’ve done an about face from all that keepsake stuff. What can I say? I’m practical.
That’s why I’m really digging the great selection at Bumkins. It’s a terrific resource particularly when you need a reasonably priced baby gift for a friend, neighbor or coworker who’s not quite in the inner circle. Check out their slew of gift sets where for less than 20 bucks, you can get a very stylish bib and burp cloth set that doesn’t look like you grabbed it out of the sales bin at the local you-know-what-Mart. If you prefer the a la carte approach, there’s plenty more to choose from including great diaper covers and organic washcloths.
Without having spent a fortune, you’re guaranteed to get a heartfelt thank you from the mom-to-be who will be thrilled to get something guaranteed not to end up in the back of a drawer somewhere. –Nancy
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