I always feel like a character in a Jane Austen novel when I pull out a box of fancy cards. Like I’m a 21st century Emma. Or Gwyneth Paltrow–in a good way. And with the new Glitzy & Golden cards from Dorothy Teng’s Charlyn Koo Design Studio , I suddenly I feel like writing Mark Darcy a sassy, solicitous letter.
I’m notably impressed, and I’m not alone. The gold foil embossed creations on luxury Italian paper even made my design-snob, co-working art directors swoon with superior happiness. And they hate everything. But they genuinely adored this fresh take on classic elegance. In other words, these cards are absolutely perfect for those times when you want to send greetings, salutations and appreciations, while also saying, "Hey you, check it, I’m fancy!"
After all, Elizabeth certainly would. Why not you?
A set of six cards are $19.50 at The Succulent Wife.Laura
Enter code "10%off" at the Succulent Wife for…you guessed it.


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