My five year old is on a mission to find herself–not through junior self-help seminars, but in every movie poster, magazine ad, or book cover she sees. Mimi will exclaim, "I’ll pretend to be that little girl in the picture, Momma. You can be the cow." (I don’t love being the cow.)
So when I showed Mimi the cool selection of abstract watercolor prints at Ned Design, she had a wonderful time seeking out her painted alter ego. The luscious limes, the deep magentas, and the vibrant yellows that complete the kids outfits would add great energy to any kids room or playroom. At just $40 framed for the 9×9, get a cluster of them. And if you don’t see a Ned print that speaks to you, artist Susie Lubell will do something just for you.
I’m going to get at least two: A blond like Mimi and a brunette like me. The brunette will not have udders. –Nancy


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