I am one of those moms with my camera always at the ready. (Seriously, it’s annoying and when my kids can talk they will tell you as much.) However taking the time to scrounge around for the little black leather case amongst all the other black accessories in my bag, unzip it, then fish out the camera drives me crazy. So instead I just toss the camera directly into my tote, which we all know is a huge no-no.
The colorful neoprene stripey camera pocket from Built NYC solves every one of my problems. It’s cool, it’s easy to spot, and it clips right onto my bag – perfect for shutterbugs with smalll cameras like my little Elph.

The case is available at the very cool Photojojo for just $22 – which is a lot less than the value of the shot you won’t miss of the kid making a grand pants-free entrance when your boss comes over for dinner. –Liz