There’s something about kids shirts and bad puns that seem to go hand in hand. Not sure what it is, but we’ve come across enough "chick magnet" tees featuring little baby chickens (Get it? Get it?) to lasts a lifetime.
How refreshing to stumble across the tees from Blirt shirts that take wordplay to a new level. Expressions like good egg, bookworm, and motormouth come to life with a Japanese illustrator’s offbeat interpretations. Not only are they all beautifully made with 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes, they’re manufactured through fair trade companies. Style + good karma.
I especially love bull in a china shop (shown here), which would be a great gift for a stubborn little Taurus in your life. I should know. I live with one, with one more on the way. Oy. –Liz


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