It’s never too early to start tossing those fifty-cent words around the kids–you might be surprised at how quickly they stick. Now admittedly I say this as a mother whose young daughter insists upon having her way by informing me that “it’s a moral imperative.”

SATees are an ideal way to expand vocabularies even before the wearers are out of diapers. Created by Debbie Glasserman and Scott Lynch, parents of four verbally precocious children, these tees and onesies are emblazoned with descriptors that extend beyond the banal. Skip Cutie Pie and instead try Pulchritudinous. Erudite twins can wear the Consanguineous tees. Or go for my favorite – Extemporaneous, a more sophisticated way of saying “accident.”

S.A.Tees onesies for kids
What’s more, if your little ones are misbehaving in public while wearing their SATees, bystanders won’t give you dirty looks. They’ll be too busy trying to figure out what their loquacious shirts are talking about.
[thanks, asha!]