It seems to me that what I’m looking for in kids’ room decor has transitioned almost as fast as my son has moved from the infant to the toddler to the kid section. Change is happening and it’s taking my soft, cuddly nursery fabric with it.
Someone at stickers by dVider knows exactly what I’m talking about, because they’ve created a versatile collection of super easy to apply and remove wall decals to change things up.
These are not precious little decals that you need to measure and align and sketch out on paper forty times to get it right–these are mostly single pieces of vinyl, about 2′ tall in your choice of great colors and styles from perennial children’s favorites (pirates/fairies/dinosaurs/animals) to abstracts and flowers. So basically, you don’t need a lick of design sense to get those walls looking swanky.
At just $21 or so each, you won’t care so much when your kid suddenly hates sailboats and loves race cars; dVider has you covered.
In the immortal words of Peter Brady, When it’s time for change, you’ve got to rearrange. Heed the brilliance. –Laura