If you’re the type with Another Mother For Peace’s classic War is Not Healthy For Children and Other Living Things button on your blog, or decal on your tote bag, or bumper sticker on your hybrid…we’ve got just the materni-tee for you.In honor of Mother’s Day, we present the Make Babies Not War shirt from Georgie Tees, a company run by two moms who value a sense of humor and style.
It’s a refreshing break from the same old "funny" slogans we see on maternity duds every week. (Enough with the "knocked up" thing already! Sheesh.) The modern design is beautifully printed on super quality cotton tees – none of that flimsy fabric that shows off your ugly nursing bras. And it comes really nicely packaged if you’re considering it as a gift.If even the mommywars are too political for you, check out georgie tees’ other great styles for moms-to-be and babes too – the lullabies rock organic onesie is hard to argue with on any side of the aisle. –Liz
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