While it’s fun dressing kids in woolly sweaters and cute snow hats, I must say that flowy, breezy summer clothes for kids really hold the key to my heart. Especially when they’re as wonderful as the ones from Eeny Meanie.California mom/designer Denise Love makes absolutely every one of her adorable jumpers, halter dresses, pants and skirts by hand, each to order. (At very decent prices, I might add.) And while seeing girls clad in her swingy summer fabrics is heart-melting, she doesn’t overlook the little guys of the world. The cargo capri (shown here) with modern contrasting fabrics should be required purchase for every mom stuck in a khaki board short rut.
There’s a great selection of Eeny Meanie’s clothes at Girl Charlee, or check out Denise’s etsy shop for custom orders, or existing items that might just be in your kid’s size.
Or like me, go to both places. Why limit yourself? -Liz


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