Kids today, they’ve got it so good. Back in my day, toys were made of plastic. We played with their semisynthetic choloride polymer parts, and no one complained. But now we’ve grown up and want something completely better for our offspring, something like our great-grandparents might have owned.
So I’m beyond impressed with Natural Pod and their time-honored selection of natural, organic and wooden toys including blocks, stacking toys, dollhouses and cradles. But this generation’s options aren’t all so traditional; Natural Pod brings the old school into the new millennium with wooden musical instruments, cool wooden bikes and even the most excellent wooden cash register around with real push bottons, cash drawer and a ringing bell.
But my real favorites are found in Nature Pod’s kitchen section, from the felt food to the wooden stove. Although, um, I’m no scientist, but I believe a wooden stove has some pretty serious intrinsic design flaws. –Laura


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