Mom jeans definitely get more than their fair share of negative press. But hit the playground and you’ll see that mothers can be just as big fashion offenders further south, in the shoe department. Comfort is one thing, but running shoes? Really? Like, all the time?
CMP has recently fallen in love with a snazzy alternative in RYKA’s Versa Mary Jane-style sneaks. Constructed using all sorts of impressive technical gobbledegook that runners (and shoe designers) will understand, all we know is that they’re super comfy, even without socks, and way chic. Even a senior editor of Vogue recently claimed them as her bop-around-town footwear of choice.
Plus we love that RYKA is all about the womenfolk – they aren’t just men’s shoes made smaller.

Which is good. Because I don’t think the menfolk would look so sexy in these. -Liz


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