It might be cool to wear your "peanut-free" backpack patch when you’re running with the elementary crowd, but not so much when the hormones start kicking in.
Since adolescents are loathe to stand out from the crowd, here’s one way a mom can be sure her teen or tween with a medical condition is covered in case of emergency: Designer Rosemary Thornton has developed a line of medical ID jewelry that will appeal to even the most self-conscious kid.
Guys won’t mind wearing the dogtag-style chains that can be personalized to list allergies, medications, or other critical information. And girls will appreciate the simple (and subtle) design of the sterling medical ID bangle bracelet (shown here) or toggle link bracelet which each feature a customizable medical alert charm.
Sounds like a win-win to me: Moms have peace of mind, and kids feel decidedly undork-like. And this solution is definitely more palatable than the rockin’ "I’m diabetic" tattoo your kid might otherwise be asking for. –Nancy
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