I often wondered, night after sleepless night, as my daughter lay snuggled in my bed, what it was about her crib she hated so much? Was it the color? The wood? The discount price?
Maybe I should have invested in this exquisite Ioline Crib from Kalon Studios. Made from sustainable bamboo, the beautiful lines could hold their own in any master bedroom let alone baby suite. Like many cribs it converts to a toddler bed, but unlike many cribs, it’s made with the most eco-friendly manufacturing methods around. There’s even a coordinated changing trunk so you can green up the entire nursery to your liking.
I figure for the price ($976 for the painted styles; a mere $1400 for the oiled bamboo shown here) you’ll spend no time messing around getting your kid to sleep in it. And insist he stay sleeping in it until he’s…oh, 27 or so. –Kristen


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