I’ve always thought that that old nursery rhyme about little boys being made of snips and snails and puppydog tails was sort of weird. First of all: Snails? Really? When’s the last time your kid played with a snail? And what the heck is a snip, anyway?
A modern retooling of the verse might be more like bugs and worms and microbes and germs–at least I know how our kids get a hold of those things.If you’re nodding along in agreement (or even if you have no clue what I’m talking about), then allow us to present Pluto’s worms and germs tee, newly available at CMP’s latest online boutique crush, Chittypulga. I have no idea exactly what kind of germs the illustration depicts, but I’m going to take a gander here and say your little man won’t care. He’ll just think it’s cool in that mildly disgusting, freak-out-the-uptight-lady-next-door kind of way.If only it came with a little pocket to hold a travel bottle of Purel. -Liz
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