It seems that poor dads-to-be get shafted in the baby gifts department. Sure, maybe they’re not so into opening up cute onesies or the softest burp cloths, but that doesn’t mean the dads don’t deserve a little token too come shower time.Allow us to suggest the "Life As You Know It" Dad To-Do list from our favorite witty gift mecca Wry Baby. It lets new papas keep track of everything they’ll need to in those early days – like what to make you for dinner, how to clean the house just how you like it, and what times of day you’ll be expecting your foot massages.
If you’re feeling extra generous, get him an entire New Dad Gift Bundle. The baby handling book alone is sure to get at least one hearty chuckle. And we can all use as many of those as we can get once that little critter arrives. -Kristen


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