In these past few years as a parent, I’ve picked up several pearls of wisdom. 1.) Never leave your kid alone in the bathroom. 2.) No matter how late you put them to bed, they’ll still wake up early. 3.) Clothes that can be worn several different ways are priceless.
Take these handmade reversible pinafores from Lassie Girl by designer Ashley Starnes. At first glance they’re cute little dresses, but if you think long enough I bet you’ll come up with a good four to five ways these can be worn. They make a trendy statement over jeans, a feminine but playground-ready look over leggings, or pair them just with bloomers and show off those scraped knees of summer.
You can get the pinnies custom-made from 6 months to 4T for–are you sitting down?–$22.
Here’s another little pearl for you — They’re even more fabulous in person than they are on your screen. -Kristen


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