Nothing says "last minute afterthought" like a present in a regifted gift bag. Believe me, I was the worst offender. But since having children, there’s just something about watching a little one tear through a nicely wrapped package that warms my heart.
So I’m making amends for my pre-child gift-wrapping offenses by stocking up on the gorgeous wrapping paper from Goosey Press featuring vintage Mother Goose silhouettes. Perfect for any little girl or boy, Amy Smith’s designs put a new twist on those timeless tales many of us read as children.
Add a gift tag and ribbon to the mix and you’ve got a present that will stand out amidst the sea of pink butterflies and blue stripes.

The only problem is it may turn you into one of those old ladies who tries to steal back the wrapping paper to reuse it again later. -Kristen
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