While we’d like to think that CMP is the definitive source for all things cool for moms, we do have a few resources that tip us off to what women are digging on the web. And now we have a new one to add to our list – sk*rt. [Edited to add: Now called Kirtsy]
If you’re familiar with digg, the social media platform, this is like that. Only for chicks. Or in non-techy language, it’s a site where women link to things they’ve seen and like online from articles to e-shop sales to the fabulous finds on Cool Mom Picks. We’re of course fond of the parenting category, but we could also while away the hours scanning through the fashion, housewares, food, and design links. In the spirit of disclosure, one of the co-founders is CMP writer Laura Mayes. But that’s not why we like the site; it is, however, one of the many reason that we like her. Together with partner Gabrielle "Design Mom" Blair and two other talented women, they’ve created a community I guarantee you’re going to be hearing a lot more about.
So be one of the first to take a peek, register, and prepare for another major internet time suck. Whoo! –Liz

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