While I applaud the intent behind buying organic, I have to admit I’m a little cynical about what I’m getting. The fruits and veggies are smaller, the meat is way pricier, and the clothes – at least they’re getting better, if slowly. If I didn’t have to sacrifice style (and those extra large strawberries I love), I’d be more amenable to going green.
I’m pleased to say that now there’s one more company doing it right. Pixel Pieces is already known for making cool sheets for kids using eco-friendly methods, and now they’ve taken it to the next level with a line of funky 100% organic cotton bedding. Black Wagon is carrying all three of the designs in both crib and toddler bed sets: Lion (and tigers and kittens) features an assortment of funky felines, Supercharged is a nod to 50s-era wheels, and Lovelines will satisfy those girls who like anything just so long as it’s pink

.Hip organic fibers? I’m sold. Teeny little strawberries – well, I’m still working on those.
Find Pixel Organics online at Black Wagon and for a limited time, get free shipping along with a free Bed Bed Bed CD/book set from They Might Be Giants. What are you waiting for?

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