Remember when you were little and someone introduced you to the local candy store for the first time–and they gave out samples? Free! That’s how I felt when I discovered Hip Young Parent: The Children’s Music Alternative.
Spinning vinyl since the age of three, DJ Amy Trulock’s online radio station streams kid-friendly music 24/7 via monster internet radio network Live365. Featuring tunes from all genres, HYP offers scheduled programs like Wee Wanna Rock and HYP Siesta Lunch: International Hour of Nap! then wraps up the day with both East and West Coast Lullabies. She keeps it G-rated of course, includes artists as diverse as David Byrne, The Shins and Chubby Checker–and yes, she bans anything purple or prehistoric.
To make it even sweeter, each song runs with handy links to Amazon and iTunes so when you hear something your kid loves, you can grab it.
Until I found, HYP radio, I honestly never knew there was so much cool kids music out there. In fact, if HYP were a candy store, I would weigh approximately 1,500 pounds. -Laura
[via junior society]

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