Wee see a whoooole lotta onesies trying to track down cool products to review here. You have no idea how many onesies. Easily a million.
So when we tell you we’ve come across ones that are fabulously unique and that you must click over immediately, heed our words.
Browse Cindy Parker’s chic new boutique Ooh La La Mama, and it seems like design inspiration was derived from imagery as diverse as Day of the Dead icons, Buddhist art, Goth album covers, illuminated manuscripts and ceremonial candles from one of those witchy shops on Bourbon Street.
Also cute animals. Of course.
I especially love that the onesies act as a canvas for the artwork, with printing extending onto the sleeves, the backs, the collars. Plus the poly-cotton blend fabric is absurdly soft and stretchy. Because yes, even goth babies want to feel cuddly and warm, at least for a few more years.
I strongly suggest you snatch one of these up before the celebs get their hands on them. Because you totally know they will. –Liz[thanks, felicia!]
Congrats to the winners of a onesie of their choice: Adrienne, Debra S, Ellie, Dana S, and Victoria


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