For some reason I’m always paralyzed when it comes to picking out kids’ furniture. Every time I see something I’m sure I want, I find something else and thus never end up with anything at all.
Now I’ve got one more option to add to the pool – the Fab Car Table and Chairs from Bubbles Decor. While it’s not cheap at $490, it is a beautiful one-of-a-kind set, hand-painted, signed by the artist, then varnished with enough coats to last through years–maybe generations?–of Go Fish and CandyLand. And the VW bug-ish design is indeed fab, just as the name declares.
My only issue is that the website claims it’s great for boys’ rooms. My car-loving niece might be surprised to hear that. –Liz
CMP readers: Get $50 off all table & chair sets or toy chests. After purchasing, e-mail with the code CPM50 to receive your refund.


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