It took me three years to figure out that my daughter doesn’t care what the heck her ride-on toy looks like, just so long as it has wheels and she doesn’t have to work them. As for me…well, I care. Man, I love this über cool Italtrike Oko Bike found at the extraordinary mom-owned kid’s boutique, Genes. The sleek styling makes it something I’d even ride. But beyond styling this bike is smart. It’s got a a safety harness and removable push bar so when the kiddos are ready to take on the open road without you, you won’t have to splurge on an upgrade.For $150, you’ve got wheels that will grow with your child, lasting you way longer than any toddler bike we’ve seen. And if your kid starts piningfor a plastic car? Just trade for a day with your neighbors. Guaranteed they’ll be more than happy to oblige. -Kristen
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