My sigOth thinks I’m mean when I tell him I’m getting rid of half of my kid’s stuffed animals, but when she isn’t yet two and the collection is are taking up more of the crib than she does (to say nothing of the living room and two toy boxes), I think it’s time to start paring down.
And then I come across these.
Fans of the Cartoon Network might be famiiliar with Naughty Naughty Pets, the slightly warped but delicious little characters with names like Henry Loves Your Woolly Socks, Dig Ivan Dig (shown here) or my favorite, Yes, A Cat Named Marty Cohen. They’re all available in plush versions for your little non-conformist as 6", 10" or big ol’ pillow sized dolls.
If you’re not sold on the names alone there’s something wrong with you. –LizCongrats to the winners of the 10" Naught Naughty Pets Dolls: Naomi S, Caley A,Nina H, Tami F and Eileen D.


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