For those of you under the impression that we urban dwellers have wardrobes consisting of black, black, and black…well, you’d be right. But according to the City Girls Magnetic Dress Up Dolls there are a few other options.
Available through Mudpuppy Press (the kids’ division of Galison and a great site for the kinds of children’s gifts you generally find in museum shops) the magnetic set is a fantastic update of the paper dolls we all loved as kids. It’s less likely to be crushed or torn or blown away by a gentle breeze, and the wardrobe enters the 21st century as well. So your daughter can doll up her doll just like mommy would dress – if mommy were 22 and a size 0.
You’ll even find the most realistic city accessory of all: The small yappy dog. –Liz
Congrats to Megan W who won her choice of Magnetic Dolls from Mudpuppy Press.


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