Unless you do a good amount of research or read Cool Mom Picks on a daily basis (as well you should), chances are you will only encounter the mainstream brands of baby carriers. But as you probably know, you pay a fairly hefty price with many of them — not only from your wallet but in your future chiropractic care.
That’s why I’m loving the mei-tai carriers from Yummy Mummy Wraps. Handmade by mom Gillian Grimm, these over the shoulder baby holders employ gorgeous and fashionable fabrics (including my favorite, her kimono carriers), making these appealing to even the most picky of mamas.
If you’re afraid of all the straps involved with wearing a mei-tai, fear not. If I can figure them out in my own post-partum haze, then I’m pretty sure you can too.And at $55, you’ll get your money’s worth–especially when you see that baby actually sleeping like one. -Kristen
Congrats Erin H who won the pictured carrier.