If the last thing you imagine doing after delivering your baby is having to call six million family members and answer the same questions over and over again (8 pounds, 2 ounces…yes of course it hurt…I don’t know who he looks like, he’s two hours old!) you’re in luck.
Snappybaby.com is a new service that lets you record a single birth announcement message then send it off to everyone on your call list at once. $9.99 keeps you from phoning 20 chatty relatives, and for $29.99 you can keep a whole hundred of them at bay while you get used to nursing every 6 minutes or so. If you’ve got an older child, you can have him record the message and buy a keepsake CD of the "announcement."I’m not sure I love the site’s notion that "it’s so easy, even a husband can do it." I mean, aren’t most husbands are smart enough to know that they shouldn’t be on the phone when they can be massaging your feet and telling you how awesome you are? Sheesh. –Liz
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