It’s true that works of kiddie-style art rarely resemble anything that can be described as art, or style. Seriously, how many ways can you draw a cartoon bear?
But now b.grafik studio offers a gallery of contemporary alphabet works that the whole family can appreciate. The series has a clean, hip look and represents each letter appropriately–a horse for H, a moon for M…you get the theme. But the type design and color combos are so surprising it does not look like anything you’ve seen before. Or anything that should be relegated solely to the kids’ rooms; the egg, lemon, or pea would look fantastic in a kitchen or modern dining room too.
Created by a Chicago graphic designer and a mother of two young children, Barbara Kaufman-Seeley, the art comes on glossy, archival photographic paper and is available in three sizes. You can even pick your colors, since each piece is made to order. Plus keep an eye out for the studio’s new card line and 12" wrapped canvases, coming out any day now.
Besides, I love that B is for blueberry and not bear. For once in my life. –Laura


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