I’ve got a nagging fear that today’s generation of girls, growing up in Swarovski-studded shirts that say future model, are in for quite a shock when they get older and do not, in fact, turn out to be models. Some of them might become icky things like oh…architects. Or engineers. Or maybe (gasp) doctors.
So we fell instantly in love with the very clever Mind Candy Clothing, a shop that lets even ambitious little girls sport some shine. We can’t resist sayings like Future Ph.D, or Book Lover, each spelled out in girlie, swirly, rhinestone-y type. But That’s Dr. Princess To You is the one that made us scream Yes! Yes! Yes!
The two moms behind the company include a Ph.D research scientist, by the way. I can only wonder if she might have achieved something more had she only had the right bling as a child. –Liz


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