Being a mom of two little ones means the only Paris I’m likely to see anytime soon will be on a movie screen. Oh, who am I kidding. It’ll be my television if I can pry my eyes open past 9pm.
If you too are pining for a taste of the City of Lights, then perhaps the Tower Mommy Bag from Rian Handbags will do a bit to satiate your hunger. Created by couple Rian and Julie Berry,these absolutely gorgeous leather satchels feature original artwork on the outside with spacious mom-style nylon pockets on the inside.
Rian bags are unlike any other diaper bag (dare I even call it that?) we’ve ever seen. Which means pending any leaky bottle disasters, this will not only survive the kids, you might be able to hand it down to them. Okay, so it will cost you nearly the price of a one-way ticket across the Atlantic. But considering the value of the dollar these days, the bag is also about the price of a cafe Americano under the Eiffel Tower.
Stick with the bag. –Kristen


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