With my daughter, I invested in a handy dandy changing table that I used all of four times. I strongly suggest you just plunk a changing pad on a dresser top…or like I did, maybe just use your bed. Then all you need is a cute little diaper caddy to hold the essentials. The SaraBear diaper caddy is available at one of my new favorite shops, The Polkadot Platypus. It’s an adorable lined basket in your choice of fabrics which go beyond the pink and blue gingham you see year in and year out in those kids’ store catalogs.Even if you swear by the table, this is a must-have to keep you from climbing steps or racing to the nursery every time nature calls. You can tuck it away in your family room and everyone will think it’s just part of the decor. I’m all for making life easier. And for climbing fewer steps. -Kristen
Use the code coolmom to get 10% off your order.
Congrats to Allison R. She won her very own Sarabear caddy.


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