As we all know by now, birds are the new black. Also, navy is the new black. Therefore navy birds? A fashion triumph!
So allow us to turn you on to the Blue Crane resin bracelets from Australian label Madz Has Runway. They’re available at Georgie-Love, an Ozzie site for independent designers from Down Undah. (As they say. Kind of.) Something tells me I’m going to be spending a lot of time on that site in the weeks to come. All the bracelets are made in limited quantities, like, one or two, so if you see something you love snap it up quick.

For just $35 Australian–that’s 30 American bucks or 165 Danish Krone–you can get your wrists caught up to 2007. Even if your triceps need a little help. Oh, my poor poor triceps. –Liz
[via indie fixx]


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