I used to chuckle when all my friends with little boys would complain about the clothes offerings. Little did I know, I’d be chiming in with my own disgruntlement with the lack of anything other than crossed hockey sticks and little toy trains.
Well hold onto your wallet, because once you see the onesies and shirts from eight3one, you won’t be able to stop yourself. Created by parents Sven and Aimee out of their own dissatisfaction with the lack of quality baby/tot clothing, they decided to try their own hand at silkscreening. And what they came up with aresome of the best looking and feeling tees around – perfect for your bug loving boy or girl. (Girls like bugs too!)
If beetlesaren’t your thing, check out the Koi or T-Rex. Either way, you’ll be retiring those "Little Slugger" jerseys faster than you can say "home run." -Kristen
[thanks, tracy!]
Congrats Stephanie Z. She won an Eight3One onesie of her very own.


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