It’s an understatement to say that my daughter is thrilled about her first day of kindergarten. She’s already selected her outfit and has been mulling over backpacks. But she also has a gazillion questions.
The award-winning Kindergarten Countdown video from Educational Productions helps address every pressing concern from tomorrow’s kindergarten students. It uses an upbeat "day-in-the-life" format to show youngsters what they might experience in their own classroom — from spelling and math lessons, to story time and recess. Real life kindergarten students ("the big kids," as my daughter observed with awe) talk about their teachers, friends, and the other people they encounter at school. And yes, viewers are reassured that they will be directed to the bathroom when they need it.
The video is available on its own for 20 bucks, or as part of an entire Kindergarten Countdown Toolkit for a little more.
So now my daughter’s really ready to begin her school adventures. As for her mom? Well, let’s just say I’m stocking up on tissues. –Nancy
Congrats Joyce M who won her own video


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