If you had a cranky, gassy baby like my daughter, then you know how terribly frustrating it can be. And while there’s no shortage of products to help relieve bloated bellies, not all of them work for every baby.
I offer an alternative to meds: The Happi Tummi. It’s a belt filled with soothing herbs that you heat up then place on the baby’s belly. Both peds and moms seem to like it, me included.
My baby #2 was able to–ahem–pass gas with little ado, so I can’t say for sure whether the Happi Tummi did anything but warm him up on a cold night when I tried it out. But if he ever goes through even half of the agony his sister did, I’d whip this sucker out again without a second thought -Kristen
Congrats to Kim C. and Shelby A. winners of their own Happi Tummis.


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